Natural plant extracts for use in cosmetic formulations

Ever since it was established in 1998, Botanica – a manufacturer of plant extracts for the cosmetics industry – has been one of the most innovative companies in the sector, offering an almost limitless selection of plant extracts and concentrates for cosmetic formulations.

Botanica has over 400 organic-quality raw materials and over 1000 varieties of plants on stock. This guarantees we’ll be able to supply plant extracts tailored to your needs and requirements:

  • Order individual qualities and quantities.
  • We also offer exotic extracts like sparkling wine and silk – also available as concentrates.
  • Consult our Botanica Plant Lists.
  • Awarded Eco Control’s ‘certified organic extracts’ quality seal; ISO 9001 certified.

Botanica supplies over 1800 samples each year to cosmetic industry customers. Get in touch with us – we’ll be pleased to provide you with Botanica documentation and Botanica samples.
  Botanica plant list
Botanica plant list

Botanica plant extracts
Custom extracts with no minimum order quantity